Monday, June 22, 2009


23 May 2009 - Tim works.. but not a whole lot, and seemingly not particularly hard. He makes enough to eat, sleep somewhere nice, and has plenty of time to enjoy not just Beijing, but much of Asia up to now. This day, while he worked (all of like 4-5 hours), I ventured through a rather well-preserved district of dynastic Chinese thought - covering the enlightening Harmony and Peace Palace Lamasery, the age-old Temple of Confucious, and the cultivated Imperial Academy. Needless to say, I felt much endowed with a sense of the scope of history this city has seen. Aside from the darker history inherent to every empire, the degree of craftsmanship in the artwork and architecture of this part the city bespoke of a highly refined culture.

This Buddha statue is 18m (~4 stories) tall, carved from a single trunk of sandalwood.

I can only imagine this is how peaceful the Lamasery looked hundreds of years ago... when the sky in Beijing was clear.

Not a typical Buddha image seen in the West; one of the many esoteric icons.

At the temple/school named for his teachings , a posthumous tribute to who was one of the most influential figured in Chinese civilization. Here, Confucious says: Welcome!

Teachers chairs are usually the most comfortable in the room, but this? Central lecture hall at the Imperial University.

Later that day, we met up again, drank some beers & went to go watch some fights. "Under the Patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates the Art of War Fighting Championship 12,... at the National Olympic Sports Center Auditorium." Shit was so serious, Michael Buffer AND a contingent of the Gracie family showed up. Plus the Tims.

Rolles Gracie!! Of course, he kicked ass in his match.

Ohh yes, we were ready to Ruuuuummmmble.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Asia, Part the First - Beijing, China

Continuing, in due time, this blog is a sincere treat - the theme of transience is one to which highest regard may be placed, for the sheer diversity in thought & action brought upon by its practical application. That is, I love to travel because I get to see & do cool shit; and I then write about it here.

This time, I explored the capital of China: Beijing.

20 -21 May 2009 - Plane departed San Francisco Int'l airport at 1330. First leg of flight took me to Tokyo, Japan; unfortunately the layover was short and would you know, I don't like to fly?
I landed in Beijing around 2220 Thursday night, and it seems its not going forward in time when the jetlag hits you hardest, but maybe it was Tim & friends' welcome that helped.

22 May 2009 - 2 Tim's, a Phillipine couchsurfer, & 2 english teachers leave Beijing on a 1.5hr public bus ride north to bungee jump, hike, & chill.

How long, and how much will it cost, for them to return after public transit stops running that evening (please specify units)?

After a decent hike, optional bungee jumping, cheap beers & street food, and a few incindiery homages, including one to an ancient Taoist shrine off a steep mountain path, with our conscience's cleared we handled a no-transit situation with the ease of seasoned voyageurs.
"American-style cigarette"