Sunday, September 19, 2010

The (semi-inglorious) return!

Lonely face in the crowd. East entrance to Millenium Park, Chicago, Il., US.

America the free... but only for those who've got the money to own a city sidewalk.

Big money baller. Mid-west style.

Near Millenium Park, the travelers pose. Thanks to anonymous stranger.

Beautiful urban-scape of Chicago's metro system.

After days of travel and an imminent return home - someones messin' with our heads. Chris, momentarily disoriented but happy.

3o January, 2010. So we've passed into the new year; coincidentally I'm finishing the account of this trip almost a year to the day. At least its taken me less than 365 days... Our return home was really incredible. After all the history, culture, & splendor of Europe, we embarked on the last leg of the 3-week long trip by train across the North American continent. 4 day, 3 nights of travel later, we arrived from the shores of the Atlantic to our current home and destination, very literally to the Pacific coast (we live a block from the Ocean).

By incredible I mean that almost the entire way after Chicago (17hours from start-time) to California, the entire continent was covered at the very least with a light dusting of snow. At its best, we careened through enormous snow drifts nearly tall as the train along sketchy mountain passes thru the Rockies and Sierra Nevadas. Mainly due to picture quality, I've omitted those photos however. Finally, by the evening of 8 January, 2010, we arrived home, safe and hale after my first, epic, European journey. It's a treat what the rest of 2010 will bring...

My weary companion, last leg home. Step 4

Chicago Union Station, train terminal. Step 3.

Washington, D.C., Union Station, train terminal. Step 2.

Philadelphia 30th St. Station, train terminal. Step 1 towards home.

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