Sunday, June 29, 2008

2 Weeks In

Today marks the 14th day of our trip. Why start a blog now and not earlier? Many reasons; stability in internet access being the primary one, as well as a certain level of laxness in attitude. After all, we are traveling across the country.

So, day 14 of doing... what?
On June 15th, 2008, I with Chris and Julieanne embarked on a journey across the continent in a Mini Cooper Clubman to explore and grow and have a kick-ass time. We each have our own reasons for coming, our own resources to contribute, and our own goals and aspiration for this trip and beyond. And after 14 days and an equal number of states, we are nearly to the West Coast - I write this from Seattle, Washington. This v/blog will serve as a chronicle of our trip, so often as I am able to maintain it.

To bring you up to speed:
NJ-DE-MD-VA-PA-WV-OH-IN-IL-KS-CO-WY-MT-WA. Thats the first 11 or so days, between driving and camping and staying with family. We've been in Seattle for about 4 nights at Mike, Chris's cousins, place. Now we're determining available resources for the next part of the trip - do we go North to Alaska and Canada? or do we head South towards California and Mexico? Decisions.. decisions....

As we continue, I'll update on our current progress; and I'll do my best to backlog the trip from the start. For now, I'm going to figure out how to up load video.